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    All our services are oriented to improve the performance of your business.

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About Performa Web

Always aiming at the best results, we let passion, intelligence and an unabated energy drive everything we do.

About us

Digital Marketing Agency with a focus on performance of digital campaigns in the main online channels.

What we do

Planning and execution of online media strategies and conversion rate optimization in digital platforms.


We are analysis & data-oriented, our strategies and actions are based on information previously collected.

Our goal is to make our clients smartly and efficiently capitalize on the new digital opportunities .

  • Data-oriented actions.
  • We act with objective processes, ensuring agile deliveries.
  • We manage $30+ million worth of media.
  • We work with tools that ensure competitive intelligence.
  • An award-winning team with a deep experience in digital marketing.
  • We are guests speakers in the main digital marketing events of Brazil.

Our services

With a comprehensive portfolio of services, our goal is to offer excellence and professionalism in the ever-diverse fields of digital marketing.

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We are specialists in performance media, certified by Google and Bing as “Google Partners Premier” and “Bing Select Partner” respectively.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your website aiming at making it more visible in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Sites, Hotsites and Apps

We make your brand connect with potential customers, ensuring a smooth experience across all interfaces.

Social Media

We analyze your brand´s action on social network and set up a plan to increase your base and engage with customers.

Social Ads

We use the power of segmentation from the social media to promote your brand´s ads, campaigns and promotions.

E-mail Marketing

Strategies to increase the number and fidelity of your client base through basic segmentation, production of e-mails and management of non-returning clients.

Web Analytics

Data is key to create strategies for online business. We implement tools and manage regular reports.

Display & Programmatic

Management of media display and media programmatic campaigns. Qualified public reach for your brand.

Mobile Marketing

Set of strategies to reach the target group of your brand on mobile platforms.

Web Design

We provide a comprehensive support to your digital campaigns. We create banners and devise content for social networks and e-mail marketing.

Shopping & PLA

With the support of our technology and knowledge we make sure your products are ranked high on price comparison search engines.

E-commerce Implementation

We implement your online store on the chosen platform. We are certified partners of the main platforms such as Vtex, Magento and Rakuten, among others.

Client Testimonials

We manage $30+ million worth of online marketing, for more than 40 clients. Their satisfaction is the best advertisement we could hope for.


Luciano Barreto

Executive Director - Submarino Viagens
I really love the work Performa Web has performed for us over the last 3 years. For me the best competencies of the agency are: outstanding knowledge of digital marketing, a culture 100% results-driven, not to mention a constant dedication to the client.

Adriana Isídio

Marketing Coordinator - Cia. Dos Livros
Performa Web attended our needs with the expected agility and professionalism. We chose the agency for its expertise in digital marketing. Not only do they own the structure necessary for our e-commerce, but they also taught us a lot about the best practices to work and promote our brand in the marketplace.

Kleber Pinto

Digital Communication Advisor - GS1 Brasil
The commitments with results and the attention from Performa Web´s team have been unfailing and faultless over the last year and a half with GS1 Brasil. Their technical knowledge and how their shared information with us helped us design more assertive campaigns and strategies.

Márcio Seixas

Owner of E-Commerce – Playtech
What we liked most while working with Performa Web, was that they truly understood our firm, and fully dedicated themselves to the performance of our e-commerce. Their action exceeded what was agreed on in the contract, as they constantly looked at our business as a whole.

Aline Dutra

Marketing – Fnac Brazil
Performa Web is more than a service provider. They put themselves in our shoes and we worked together, they dedicated themselves to offer us the solutions we needed, and gave FNAC´s team great insights about future opportunities. We are fully satisfied with this partnership.

Maria Maier

Social Director – Ideal Shop
Performa Web gave us full consideration and attention. They constantly seek to understand our public and to create personalized strategies for us. The team convinced us that we were helped by specialists who were totally aware of our market and really preoccupied by transforming our strategy into results.

Our Portfolio

Our last projects

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