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Every day we are forced to make important decisions, but we don't always have the information we need to make them happen.

In Performa Web's data automation service, we transform data into strategic actions. We use analytical tools and processes oriented so that your company achieves the best results.

For more assertive decision making, we work with several market tools to deliver real-time reports. Optimize your productivity with data automation services from PW's Business Intelligence area.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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Data structuring

Our methodology aims to facilitate the management of virtual store tags. With data automation services, our goal is to minimize the reliance on technology experts for script configuration and maintenance.

In addition, we seek to improve website performance and obviously extract information about user behavior on company pages.

PW's data automation projects can be contracted on a timely basis to implement a new functionality, for example, in an e-commerce and/or for the validation of the data capture process. You can also hire this service on a recurring basis to organize, analyze and interpret data to gain insights for the business.

Data Automation Methodology

We use this to facilitate the management of tags on a page and minimize dependence on IT staff to configure reports.

PW has a team of specialists focused on analyzing the scenario in which the customer is inserted.

In the first step, we create a tag book that is basically the tagging scope. With the approved tag book, we start to execute the tagging and, later on, the validation of the information. Then data automation starts to happen.

Want to better understand how the data automation process works? Make an appointment with our experts.

Data Automation KPIs

Track the results of your digital campaigns with PW services. We facilitate tag management and help you create reports that will optimize decision-making processes.
Talk to Performa Web experts and find out how to generate more results for your company with data automation services.

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