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About Sponsored Links

We are experiencing a revolution in the format of media investments, which is becoming ever greater in the digital environment.

You've certainly done a Google search and come across a few ads for products and services related to your search.

These ads are sponsored links on search networks, an excellent digital marketing strategy for your company to gain more customers and increase its performance.

In addition to ads on search networks, you can see them in various other formats, such as banners, videos, short texts, and more.

They are shown according to the interest of the website or platform visitor, and they have a high level of segmentation. So when you do a Google search, for example, these links appear according to your interest and user profile.

In addition, it is worth mentioning how easy it is to measure the results of sponsored links. Using Google tools, you can track the performance of your ads and campaigns (such as clicks and others) and results (such as conversions, sales and others).

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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Sponsored Links Deliverables

Media Plan
Number of campaign keywords
Up to 2.000
Up to 10.000
Up to 10.000
Keyword research and selection
ADVANCED keyword research and selection
Recurring keyword evaluation and adjustments
Industry analysis
1 channel
2 channels
2 channels
1 channel
Up to 3 channels
Up to 4 channels
Google Display Network
Search Network
Google Shopping
Campaigns will be managed using the client’s Google Ads account (the client will keep their admin/owner access for all created campaigns)
Text ads remarketing and Google banner remarketing (if banner ads are included, provided by the client or if the creative banner design is paid for)
Google customer and audience match
Gmail Ads (competitors)
Campaign content creation
Campaign performance test
Dynamic keywords insertion in ads
Strategic bid management
Bid configuration and management
Account configuration monitoring (eg Geotargeting)
Dedicated team member
Monitoring of clicks, conversions and fraudulent activities
International campaign management
Social Ads
Midia Analytics
Standard (1 screen)
Custom (1 screen)
Custom (multiple screens)
Once a month (1h)
Twice a month (1h)
Once a week (1h)
Weekly call
BRL 400.00
BRL 100.00
No additional fees
Additional consulting hours
BRL 375.00/h
BRL 375.00/h
BRL 375.00/h
Number of keywords
Monthly expenses
Up to BRL 10,000.00
Up to BRL 40,000.00
> BRL 40,001.00
BRL 1,500.00
BRL 2,000.00
BRL 2,500.00
Plan cost
BRL 1,000.00 or 20%
18% of investment
16% of investment

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How we work

Our team is highly specialized and holds sponsored links certifications from Google and Bing. We are one of the 40 agencies in Brazil that have obtained a certificado Google Partner Premier, o mais alto nível de parceria do Google, and the entire team is certified in all types of Google Ads campaigns. In addition, we are also a we are also a Bing Partner Select agency, attesting to the quality of our services in digital advertising.

Performa Web's sponsored links method of work includes:

  • Campaign strategies and ad creation;
  • Recurring optimization of campaigns with the most current practices (RLSA, DSA, Responsive Ads, Smart Campaigns, DDA, among others);
  • Automated bid management using machine learning;
  • Optimization of bids in real time, according to each client's goals;
  • Recurring reports, market monitoring and competitor analysis

With the use of machine learning in sponsored link services, our team is able to work strategically on campaign optimizations, without having to devote a large part of their time to changing bids for each keyword. Our team, therefore, is better allocated for better results.

Our management of sponsored links aims at delivering excellence and includes 4 main pillars:


We use technology in all our digital marketing processes and services. We use machine learning to automate recurring processes, continuously improving the performance of campaigns.


In our operational pillar, PW's team of media specialists works throughout the process of optimizing the structure of campaigns. This process is recurrent and aims at continuous improvement of performance.


In the tactical pillar, we seek to have as much contact as possible with our customers and partners, acting with a sense of urgency and transparency throughout the entire process.


Our media managers are responsible for maintaining campaigns and constantly reviewing their performance. In this pillar, we regularly review the efficiency of the advertisements based on the achievement of our clients' goals and objectives.

With these pillars, Performa Web is able to analyze the performance of sponsored links ads and act on its continuous improvement. Discover all our digital marketing services and find out how we can help optimize your results.

Our Key KPIs

As they say, those who don't measure don't manage. Therefore, some indicators need to be watched in your ads.

And, among the main performance indicators that Performa Web uses to measure sponsored link campaigns, we have:

  • CTR (click through rate): here we analyze whether the audience is clicking and interacting with the ad's CTA;
  • CPL (cost per lead):the cost per user that converts on your website helps you understand if the audience is interested in your business;
  • ROI and/or ROAS: ROI measures your profitability and the effectiveness of your ads.

But remember that no metrics should be analyzed in isolation - performance indicators must be understood in an integrated way and in accordance with the established objectives.

For this to happen, it is important to have experts to carry out the optimization and analysis of your results. Performa Web is a digital marketing consultancy specializing in media and technology management, doing an excellent job in this area.

Discover our services and find out how we can help boost your business! Talk to one of our experts.

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