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About Website Conversion Rate Optimization

You should know that managing a business online involves optimizing certain actions for your company's success. In fact, it's no use having a page in the virtual world that doesn't convert - that is, if the page’s low speed scares visitors away.

Virtual businesses are much more competitive and dynamic than face-to-face ones. So it takes more than an adequate technological structure and appropriate applications.

Get to know, in this article, how CRO can optimize your website to ensure conversions and generate more sales and revenue.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization Deliverables

First month deliverables (CRO or UX)
Recurring deliverables (CRO or UX)
Conversion tracking
CRO Analytics
Standard (1 screen)
Custom (1 screen)
Custom (multiple screens)
Bonus deliverables (CRO or UX)
BRL 600.00/asset
BRL 600.00/asset
BRL 600.00/asset
Initial setup (1st month)
BRL 3,000.00
BRL 4,500.00
BRL 6,750.00
Initial CRO investment
BRL 2,000.00
BRL 3,000.00
BRL 4,500.00
Minimum project duration (months)

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What is CRO and what can it do for your company?

CRO is an acronym for Conversion Rate Optimization . Just as when it comes to optimizing the content of websites we’re dealing with SEO, when it comes to the page’s performance, the focus is on CRO.

CRO can be understood as a set of practices that aim to increase the conversion rate of a website.. In this sense, it works by improving traffic to attract more visitors. In other words, they are actions to improve the user experience on your page.

Interestingly, these improvements are accomplished through hypothesis testing, such as an a/b test. since it’s possible to see what impact certain navigation changes can have on a separate group of your audience.

Which is to say, the entire CRO application is based on making the best use of your website's current audience. Therefore, when a CRO strategy is well developed, the result to be expected is a reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

da experiência de navegação dos usuários. Para que isso seja possível toda a análise a ser desenvolvida é focada no comportamento dos usuários do site. optimizing users' browsing experience. For this to be possible, all the analysis to be developed is focused on the behavior of the website's users.

As results to be expected from CRO services, your company can obtain:

  • Improved browsing experience and website usability;
  • A rise of engagement metrics;
  • Increased e-commerce conversion rate.

How to make a CRO application on your company's website

In order to develop a conversion rate optimizing for your company's website there are a few steps you must take to get quality results. For a start, it is important to carry out a usability analysis of your website, with a very high level of depth.

Which mean that it’s necessary to use digital tools that allow extracting as much data as possible with great precision. Following this analysis, it’s time to identify the main points of improvement that are being noticed.

From which, then, it is possible to prepare an implementation roadmap, prioritizing the items with the greatest impact and the least complexity of execution.

In order to achieve a quality optimization, all the work is developed having as premises four fundamental elements of digital marketing, which are:

  • User experience;
  • Content;
  • Product Details;
  • Customer Journey

In addition, the deliverables during the CRO process are as follows:

  • Monthly report with improvement items and step-by-step application;
  • Improvements roadmap with prioritization;
  • Implementation of improvements.

Conversion rate optimization methodology (CRO)

At PW we work with solutions that facilitate your company's marketing management without depending on technology specialists.

We do all the configuration and maintenance of the scripts, we improve the website's performance and, of course, we extract as much information about how users behave with your business.

In the first stage, we understand the customer's needs, after which we analyze the scenario and scope of the tagging.


In order to track the conversion rate optimization we use Google Analytics, heat map tools and the results of digital media campaigns.

We follow up CRO by a/b testing and evaluating the performance of the actions whenever improvements are implemented on our clients' pages.

As part of our CRO services we perform the configuration of dashboards, integrating different data sources with Super Metrics and Google Data Studio. In addition, we analyze and send recurring reports containing the most important insights for your business.

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