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How design impacts your experience

Have you ever accessed a site where you easily found the information you were looking for, in a very intuitive way, and felt satisfied with the layout, content and experience?

That’s UX design, focused on the user experience, in conjunction with UI design (User Interface design), the user’s interface on the page, that makes this possible.

These practices are based on analysis of the behavior of visitors to your website and, thanks to this, they are able to anticipate the interactions that will be made there.

In other words, the UX Design service consists of placing the customer's experience with the website as a key factor at the time of development. Your potential customer must have an excellent experience from their first to their last contact with your website so they will want to return and carry out new transactions on a recurring basis.

An intuitive page allows the information sought by the visitor to be easily found. It requires minimal attention, making their experience a light one, without too much information to digest.

And so that the user experience is the best possible, the UX design is based on four pillars:

  • Usability: it is extremely important that a website is intuitive to facilitate its use, making the user take full advantage of the features offered;

  • Usefulness: it must also be useful and add value to your target audience, offering solutions to their problems;

  • Accessibility: Responsive design makes a page accessible on any device, be it computer, tablet or smartphone;

  • Functionality: Pages must be functional and perform the functions for which they were designed.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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UX - User Experience Deliverables

First month deliverables (CRO or UX)
Recurring deliverables (CRO or UX)
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UX Analytics
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UX website design
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Layout adjustments requests
Initial setup (1st month)
BRL 3,000.00
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Investimento mensal em UX
BRL 2,000.00
BRL 3,000.00
BRL 4,500.00

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How we work

Making sure that your site has the best navigability and the best design for your users is something that takes time and effort.

In addition, it’s necessary to pay attention to the metrics over time to find and fix flaws quickly and efficiently, as well as to keep your website always agile, optimized and in accordance with good SEO practices (thus ensuring better positioning in Google searches).

Sounds too complex? You don't have to do all this work without help! Your time is valuable and we, at Performa Web, have excellent professionals specialized in UX Design for websites who can handle this entire process for you.

We use a variety of technologies to improve the user experience, such as on-site heat mapping tools and A/B testing. These tools help to understand how the user feels and how they interact with your website.

From these analyses, we generate insights to develop the UI design, that is, to make improvements to your website and design the pages according to the audience's navigation data. In addition, we also monitor the results, making our delivery complete and effective for your business.

We guarantee the comfort and safety of each visitor with a fast and responsive website. And we offer services that, added to the improvement of the user experience, will bring even more positive results for your digital marketing strategy.

Performa Web's Key KPIs

There are a number of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can analyze to see if your website design is performing well. At Performa Web, we consider the following metrics to improve the user experience:

  • Improvements in your website's usability, interface and speed

  • Consolidation of your brand as an authority on the subject you work on;

  • Increased lead gain and number of conversions;

  • Retention of website visitors, loyalty of those who are already customers and positive recommendations from them.

But remember that no metrics should be analyzed in isolation - performance indicators must be understood in an integrated way and in accordance with the established objectives.

So count on Performa Web's Design UX experts. We can help you assess and implement the changes needed to improve the user experience on your website.

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