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Shopping and Price Comparators

You know when you search for a product in a search engine, such as Google, and automatically you can find several stores with different prices for it? All results are from campaigns at price comparison websites, such as Google Shopping, Buscapé, Zoom and other similar sites.

This media strategy, in addition to promoting your product, makes  your business known and increases visits to your virtual store and, consequently, your sales.

An ad on price comparators works as a showcase for your product on search engines, such as in a marketplace. It shows: item photo, title, price and store name.

But in order for it to work, you need planning, a good pricing strategy, positive evaluations about the experience of other customers with the store, updated information about what is sold and, mainly, media management for you to monitor the results.

It is worth remembering that this type of campaign is exclusive to physical products, not being an option for courses and other similar services.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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Price Comparison Services Deliverables

Price strategy
Client recommendation strategy
Partner integration via API or XML
Campaign execution
Results reports
Standard (1 screen)
Custom (1 screen)
Custom (multiple screens)
Market reports
Competitor reports

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How we work

Price comparison campaigns require a good pricing strategy, positive assessments of each customer's experience with the store and, above all, technology for accuracy and speed in sending product information.

Here at Performa Web, we work with the development of price comparison campaigns (shopping) contemplating the following processes:

  • Preparation of pricing strategy;
  • Strategies to improve customer recommendation and ratings;
  • XML or API integration;
  • Execution and recurrent optimization of campaigns;
  • Recurring results reporting, market monitoring and competitor analysis

Which means that, for a price comparison service (shopping), we take into account all these aspects and work with a methodology focused on 4 main pillars


We use technology in all our digital marketing processes and services. We use machine learning to automate recurring processes, continuously improving the performance of campaigns.


In our operational pillar, PW's team of media specialists works throughout the process of optimizing the structure of campaigns. This process is recurrent and aims at continuous improvement of performance.


In the tactical pillar, we seek to have as much contact as possible with our customers and partners, acting with a sense of urgency and transparency throughout the entire process.


Our media managers are responsible for maintaining campaigns and constantly reviewing their performance. In this pillar, we regularly review the efficiency of the advertisements based on the achievement of our clients' goals and objectives.

In addition, we have a team of experts in digital performance who take care of the entire process of each campaign, from implementation to measurement of results.

We offer all digital marketing services so that your actions and strategies are integrated and can achieve the best results.

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