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About Instagram Ads

Instagram is the darling social network of the moment, currently boasting the highest engagement rate among all social media. In addition, it’s also the fastest growing social network in Brazil, with around 57 million active profiles.

To create your Instagram ads, you must have a Facebook account and use the platform's Ad Manager. That's because the campaigns run on Instagram are developed on Facebook Ads, and they offer the possibility of creating similar campaigns and targeting on both social networks.

Instagram ads have a wide variety of goals and formats. It is possible to serve ads in both the feed and stories of the social network, in different formats: photos, videos, carousels with sequences of photos or videos.

This tool can help you with different marketing goals: an increase in traffic and, consequently, increased sales; gaining a larger number of followers; strengthening your brand identity; among others.

According to a survey conducted by Instagram itself, 60% of users say they have discovered new products through the social network. Another data revealed by the survey found that eight out of ten users follow at least one company account.

For these and other reasons, Instagram Ads can be an essential strategic tool for your business.

Measured metrics vary, such as likes, comments, number of followers, ad clicks, or conversions. For this, the formats and CTAs (call to action) most aligned with your marketing objectives are used in each strategy.

How we work

Many companies try, on their own, to design their own Instagram Ads campaigns. However, the vast majority have little preparation for this and end up wasting time and money.

For more effective results, it’s best to have qualified professionals to manage your Instagram Ads campaigns. We at Performa Web can help your business achieve the best results on Instagram and leverage your business.

Our team is highly specialized and has Facebook Blueprint certification, attesting to our advanced knowledge of skills in Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. We are also an agency with the Facebook Marketing Partners, one of the highest levels of partnership with Facebook.

In addition, our team constantly participates in workshops and training made available to the best agencies in Brazil, aligning their strategies with the best market practices.

Our Instagram Ads campaigns are structured following your main marketing objectives and following the consumer's purchase journey. This way, we guarantee the best communication aligned for each step of your sales funnel.

Machine Learning

We make use of advanced technologies, such as machine learning, for the continuous improvement of our campaigns.

Machine learning tools help us automate processes and continuously optimize the performance of your campaigns in an agile and effective way. With this, we bring more assertive results for your company's digital marketing.

We have the expertise to leverage your marketing results. Talk to one of Performa Web's experts and learn about our Instagram Ads and media management services.

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