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Machine Learning applied to Digital Marketing

Have you ever stopped to think about how some technologies become part of our lives in a silent way? Maybe you don't know in detail what machine learning is, but you've certainly taken advantage of such technology.

And those who believe that only large companies and corporations can use this innovative technology are wrong. There are several ways that machine learning can fit into digital marketing strategies and help your company achieve the best results.

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence capable of identifying patterns between data and, based on this information, being able to make predictions with high accuracy.

The whole concept is based on the idea that algorithms are able to learn from data. digital marketing relies heavily on machine learning, as it is an area that requires the use and analysis of data.

Taking advantage of this technology allows us to have a more qualified job and, as a result, better results.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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How Performa Web uses Machine Learning

As a digital marketing agency focused on performance, data and technology, machine learning plays a fundamental role in the development of media strategies and campaigns and qualification of leads.

Performa Web works with this technology in order to increase the performance of our services and understand more about your business and your consumer audience.

Learn how Performa Web uses artificial intelligence for the top, middle and bottom of its sales funnel.

Optimizing Digital Media Campaigns

Your campaigns can perform much better by using machine learning. With campaign automation, there's a greater chance of delivering the right ad to the right person at the right time and thus end up getting the best results.

Performa Web makes use of this technology for automated management of customer campaigns, obtaining more accurate and assertive predictions regarding bid amounts, conversions and other metrics important to your business.

Lead Capture and Qualification

Qualifying leads is an important point within the sales funnel. Machine learning makes this process faster and more accurate.

The technology works directly on the best qualification of leads, with data available online. With each purchase the user makes, this data is updated and becomes even more accurate, making the next purchase happen in less time.

More Targeted Ads

We know the importance of ads within digital marketing, and machine learning helps make your campaigns even more personalized.

This is done based on information that the company provides at the time of creating the ad, such as titles and descriptions.

The technology interprets which combinations make the most sense for the customer's profile, taking into account the information of that same user on the internet (sites he visits, where he usually clicks, the frequency of access, etc.).

Discover Performa Web

Performa Web combines machine learning with the best practices in the market, offering integrated strategies for your business. We take into account your market niche and all available resources to get the best results for you.

Transform your business with Performa Web's machine learning and digital marketing services.

Talk to our experts and find out how to leverage your results in a lasting way.

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