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Get Your Audience's Attention with Landing Pages

Landing Pages are an inbound marketing strategy created mainly to capture leads for your business, thus starting the customer's journey through the conversion funnel. Other goals might be rich material downloads, informing your audience about a specific product or service, among others.

With creative layouts, effective CTAs and persuasive texts, these pages should show the best qualities of your company or product, and usually include forms that aim to capture customer data and start their journey, generating a lead at the end of this process.

When surfing the internet, there are many distractions at all times, so a quality Landing Page should draw the consumer's attention, bringing their focus to what is being shown or offered, in the most direct and effective way possible.

After this first step, you’ll need to keep the customer's interest in the page, showing them the benefits of being there and, mainly, of following the journey through the conversion funnel, until the end. This should arouse their desire to buy.

This desire makes the customer fill out the Landing Page form, thus providing their data to the company and becoming a lead. In inbound marketing, this conversion is extremely important to build an interesting lead base for your company.

This database can also be segmented into different profiles, which allows for the creation of personalized email marketing campaigns.

Our Landing Pages Development Methodology

Clear, intuitive and consumer attention-grabbing Landing Pages must be created and monitored by a team of professionals specialized in digital marketing. Which means that Performa Web is the best option for you to achieve the results you want for your company.

Here at Performa Web, we develop landing pages considering all aspects of a good page. We take into account user experience, page speed, simple URL, use of CTAs, and good content.

With a qualified team and personalized service, our agency creates Landing Pages that optimize your conversion funnel and help your brand achieve your marketing goals.

In a structured way, providing all the necessary support, Performa Web always seeks innovative strategies, creating Landing Pages that actually convert the customer, generating valuable leads for your business.

How to Measure Results when Creating a Landing Page

For even more effective strategies with Landing Page creation, you have to measure your results. This measurement will indicate if you are on the right track or if you need to change your approach with the customer, so it should be done frequently.

The conversion rate calculates how many visitors have actually performed the intended action with the Landing Page; be it filling out the form or purchasing a product, for example. This can be a good metric to measure your results and, if necessary, optimize your page, change CTAs or go for a new strategy.

So for the best results, hire an agency that really understands the subject. Talk to Performa Web experts and take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

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