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How do you know if your campaigns are being assertive?

In current times, both large and small companies have understood the importance of marketing digital. campaigns, just as you are already realizing that marketing is an investment that guarantees results and increases performance.

However, they are missing a point that is key to any endeavor. How does your company evaluate the performance of your campaigns and investment in media?

Discover in this article the Web Analytics ervice and how you can leverage your business by monitoring your data. In addition to that, it develops a complete business intelligence action.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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What is a Web Analytics Service?

The business world has been getting increasingly digital for companies as much as for consumers and customers. Which means you need a more detailed knowledge of the actions of your target audience in this online universe.

To be able to assess the results of a marketing digital, campaign, your company needs real-time data to respond to key performance indicators (KPI's).

And that's exactly what a Web Analytics service has to offer for your business. With the development of an analysis of your data, it’s possible to achieve a broader perception of the actions of your target audience. That’s because your company will have the following data:

  • how many times your website has been visited by each visitor;
  • what were the most visited pages;
  • which buttons were clicked by each visitor;
  • how the visitor establishes contact with your company;

So the function of Web Analytics is, precisely, to take this data and, based on a systematic analysis, turn it into information. Additionally, KPI's that provide marketing performance metrics for your actions will be applied to this information.

Methodology adopted in Web Analytics at PW

In order to monitor the information generated in Web Analytics, we evaluate the scope of your website's tagging. We analyze all the metrics that are being generated.

Our methodology aims to facilitate the management of your website’s tags and minimize the dependence on technology experts for setting and maintaining scripts, to improve website performance and obviously extract as much information as possible about how users behave with your business.

KPIs expected in Web Analytics

With the configuration of Web Analytics tools, your company has greater visibility of the audience that visits your website and starts to follow the results obtained through paid media campaigns.

The data generated, in addition to bringing relevant insights, helps in managing the business. Learn how to optimize your digital marketing investments with PW's Web Analytics services.

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