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Marketplace Ads as a Path to Success

Ads means advertisement. No doubt you've heard of Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other similar services, right?

In general terms, these names mentioned above correspond to paid advertisements, which aim to achieve some marketing objective of your company.

Marketplace Ads would then be paid ads within sales websites such as Google Shopping, Mercado Livre, Amazon, among many others. This type of ad can help you occupy the top of the searches and, consequently, increase your sales even more. Marketplace Ads Deliverables

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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Entregáveis de Marketplace Ads

Campanha e anúncio de remarketing
Monthly ad segmentation and ad copy adjustments
Demographic segmentation
Keywords, interests, and user intention segmentation
Mobile-optimized ads
Dedicated social media advertising account manager
Standard report (monthly)
Standard report (weekly)
Weekly meeting or weekly campaign update
Real Time Report - Data Studio

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Discover some advantages of betting on marketplace ads:

Reach the right people

In all these ads, you have the chance to define who will be impacted – and consequently, you end up choosing your target audience (or persona), which increases sales rates.

E o melhor: com os ads para marketplace, você atinge as pessoas que já estão buscando por determinado produto, serviço ou marca, aumentando suas chances de venda.

Get even more financial return

Even though campaigns for the marketplace have a higher cost, your investment will be very well used, as there is more chance of conversion.

Marketplace ads differ from other marketing campaigns by reaching the right people when they are looking for the product or service. As a result, marketplace campaigns have a higher conversion rate and better digital marketing results.

Our Methodology

At Performa Web, we manage campaigns for the marketplace based on segmentations that deliver the best result for each consumer profile. The choice of audiences is made based on purchase intentions, interests or demographic data, reaching very high levels of segmentation.

n addition, we use advanced technologies in all our media management processes and services. Using machine learning, we automate recurring processes and continuously improve the performance of campaigns.

We also work with advanced sales attribution reporting to accurately measure the impact of campaigns on customer results.

Hire the services of someone who really understands the subject. Our media management team is trained to make a complete diagnosis of your company, determining the best channels and strategies to leverage your marketing results.

To learn more about marketplace ads and other digital marketing services, talk to one of our experts. We have the most experienced professionals in the subject at your disposal!

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