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For a good organic growth strategy, it's critical to understand the concept of recurring SEO.

SEO (search engine optimization, or search engine optimization) is not just about creating website optimization strategies following the best practices of search engines.

While this is an important part of SEO, the truth is that a big part of the job is constantly updating and tracking results.

Understanding this concept and investing in regular SEO updates and reports can be the factor that will set your company apart from the competition. Still don’t get how it works? We’ll explain how we help companies and businesses to leverage results through SEO!

How We Work with Recurring SEO

When we talk about recurring SEO we are referring to the practice of frequently tracking and measuring optimization strategy results. More than that: the constant optimization of results to correct flaws and improve potential points.

We work mainly with two aspects of the service:

  • recurring SEO for websites and blogs;
  • SEO for e-commerce.

Recurring SEO for Blogs

Having unique, exclusive, high quality content that makes sense to your target audience is essential. A good SEO knows how to draw the ideal plan to attract the right customers through organic traffic and guide them through your website to purchase or hire, following their purchase journey.

But producing content is not everything: you’ll need to update it frequently, correcting any errors, adjusting points and seasonal concepts and ensuring that the article is properly optimized for SEO.

Having a team that knows exactly the right frequency to review your content is ideal to ensure greater peace of mind and quality in your work.

SEO for E-commerce

In the case of e-commerce, updates are necessary as opportunities are identified, such as: internal links, adjustments with the inclusion or exclusion of products, verification of broken links, among other factors.

Ensuring that your website does not contain errors in the products is essential to ensure the best experience for your customer, helping to complete the shopping journey in your e-commerce.

Our Key KPIs

In the case of a recurring SEO strategy, metrics that indicate the strategy's long-term success are analyzed. In our recurring SEO service, we consider some metrics such as:

  • Positioning: was there an improvement in page positioning for the main searches? Here, it's critical to track the improvement in organic placement to identify which URLs on your site need the most attention;

  • CTR (click through rate): the rate of clicks in relation to the reach of the content. Here we identify points for improvement and opportunities;

  • Related searches : this information is only obtained after some optimization time. With the right tools, you can find new search ranking opportunities that generate long-term results. This optimization is only possible if you have the help of someone who understands the relevance of working with SEO constantly.

Other metrics and KPIs are defined according to the specifics and particularities of your business, ensuring that the strategy is the one that best fits your digital marketing.

Here at Performa Web we value quality service and consistency, and our team is prepared to focus on your digital marketing results. Our goal is to ensure that your business achieves the best results.

Would you like to take your SEO strategy to the next level? Contact us!

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