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SEO for Local Businesses

SEO (search engine optimization) covers strategies and techniques for optimizing websites, pages and content so that they reach the top positions in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others. But there is a very specific aspect that makes all the difference for local businesses: Local SEO.

You don't necessarily need to compete in search engines with big companies and businesses from different regions. Factors such as link building, good content and other well-known SEO practices are not the only way to work organic traffic.

While this competitiveness exists, and the aforementioned factors are important, if you have a local business, a more specific strategy could be the key turning point.

Local SEO assumes three pillars: proximity, prominence and relevance. If someone does a search for your business or services you provide in the region you are in, a local SEO strategy is what ensures you appear first in the results.

You already know that millions of searches are performed on Google every day. But in 2018, a representative of Google itself revealed that about 46% of searches performed have a local intent..

This means that focusing on a localized SEO strategy is essential to stand out. And mainly because there are a significant amount of people to reach.

However, SEO strategies are not simple, and a strategy focused on local SEO demands a lot of attention and knowledge for tracking metrics. So, having the help of experts in the field who can guarantee a good job is imperative.

How we work

Performa Web has a qualified and specialized team that is prepared to place your business in search engines with a focus on local results.

You'll not only see results in relation to the SEO itself, but you'll also be ahead of your closest competitors. We ensure that the factors of location, relevance and user experience work for your business.

We use tools like Webceo, Screaming Frog, SemRush, Majestic, Google Analytics and Google Search Console with the aim of automating processes, ensuring speed and depth of analysis.

In our SEO work, we seek to work strategically, going through aspects such as:

  • Mapping opportunities;
  • Definition of priorities;
  • Agile implementation;
  • Recurring monitoring of results;
  • Reports, market studies and competitor analysis.

Hire someone who understands the matter. Performa Web has years of expertise in digital marketing and can help you get more results with organic traffic by working with local SEO.

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