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About Conversational Commerce

As its name suggests, conversational commerce refers to a form of interaction through conversation or messages.

Interaction is often performed by pre-programmed chatbots or virtual assistants, using technologies such as artificial intelligence and voice recognition.

Another way to carry out conversational commerce is through real customer service, putting a person in this role. This happens, for example, in the form of customer service via Whatsapp, which allows instant contact and is an absolute success today in Brazil.

According to specialists, even if a company develops its own platforms for interacting with customers, this feature becomes more powerful when it’s integrated with the platforms that the user already uses in their routine - as is the case with Whatsapp.

Conversational commerce sales and customer service strategies are becoming increasingly popular in the market. To learn more about the service, talk to one of Performa Web's specialists.

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Greater User Confidence

We cannot forget that digital customers have new shopping habits and, consequently, new barriers and difficulties. One of those barriers is trust: to shop online, users need to feel confident in the brand, website or supplier.

Research indicates that conversational commerce can provide consumers with a greater sense of security when making their online purchases.

In addition, the tool can be a competitive advantage for companies, being used to expand the business and offer a differential in relation to the competition.

Learn how to create conversational commerce strategies in order to boost your business, as well as structure chatbots and automated messages to your audience. Performa Web specializes in digital marketing, innovation and performance, and can help you implement a conversational commerce service in your company.

Conversational Commerce Objectives

Conversational commerce can be used by your company for a variety of purposes, such as improving customer experience or automating processes. Learn more about some of the main objectives of Performa Web’s conversational commerce services.

Consumer Experience

An important objective of conversational commerce is the experience of convenience for the consumer, especially when it comes to a tool that they already know.

With conversational commerce, customers will feel more comfortable to ask questions or make their purchase, as they will be able to count on support throughout the purchase process, improving their experience at every stage of the journey.

Customization in chatbots can also be a nice feature to improve user interaction, as it is possible to configure the technology to always meet customer needs in advance.

Communication Standardization

When we implement a chatbot or automated messaging system, there is less chance of errors and more standardization of replies.

Any company is susceptible to human errors in calls via chat or Whatsapp, such as in spelling, grammar, and even wrong or misguided answers. With a chatbot feature and automatic messages, mistakes don't happen and the experience can be more uniform among all consumers.

If you do not have this service on your website or e-commerce yet, contact Performa Web to find out more! Our highly qualified professionals have experience in conversational commerce and can offer the best strategy for your business.

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