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SEO (search engine optimization) is a set of techniques used in digital marketing with the objective of highlighting your website in internet search engines, attracting more organic traffic.

In order to achieve the best SEO results, you need to consider several factors, such as: page load speed, user experience, brand reputation, and finally, page content.

All of this means that SEO-optimized content must be carefully planned and executed, including keywords and CTAs that grab the user's attention and deliver the solution to their problems directly and clearly.

These are the factors that will keep your persona interested in your website or blog, making them follow the customer journey in a natural way.

Besides, this can also improve the user experience (UX) on your website pages, by making them feel motivated to continue consuming that content. This is only possible if the company creates and delivers the best possible content to the user, that is, the simplest and most relevant, according to their needs.

Our Methodology

The work of creating and optimizing SEO content requires constant monitoring, as search engines are always updating themselves. In order for your business to appear prominently in search results, your pages need to be easily read by search engines.

Performa Web offers SEO optimized content service to help your business achieve better organic traffic results.

For this to happen, we make a diagnosis of your website and map the keyword opportunities of your segment and competitors, following all market trends. Our team is constantly updating to provide the most up-to-date SEO strategies and best practices.

The production of SEO content consists of gathering the strategic conclusions of the diagnoses and the best information for the client's purchase moment. Thus, we identify consumer behavior and interests to bring relevant content to the user and provide the best experience on your website.

This means that our SEO methodology aims to ensure excellence in delivery and act in an integrated manner, including aspects such as:

  • Mapping opportunities;
  • Setting priorities (based on the disciplines of technology, content, user experience, turnaround time, and implementation complexity).
  • Agile implementation;
  • Recurring monitoring of results;
  • Reports, market studies and competitor analysis.

We use tools like Webceo, Screaming Frog, SemRush, Majestic, Google Analytics and Google Search Console with the aim of automating processes, ensuring speed and depth of analysis.

Finally, the monitoring and measuring of SEO results must be done on a recurring basis. In order to understand if your SEO is getting the expected results, we track some metrics such as: average session duration, bounce rate, growth in the number of organic users.

To find out if your website's organic ranking is following the best practices, contact Performa Web. With a team of specialized professionals and a comprehensive view of digital marketing, we deliver the best results in SEO and offer the solution for your business.

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