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Find Out Opportunities with an SEO Audit

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of strategies to optimize websites and content that will position them well in search engines. If you have a website or are starting a digital marketing strategy, it is imperative that you perform an SEO audit.

With SEO Audits, we analyze your site and identify opportunities for improvement on your pages.

This means that the ranking possibilities for strategic searches increase and enhance the results obtained with search engines. Learn how SEO audits can help improve your website's organic placement.

When we perform an SEO audit, we seek to identify possible flaws and opportunities on your website. Failures, such as broken links and duplicate pages, can harm your site in the face of search engine algorithms and get you penalized.

A few simple factors can seriously damage your search results. Some of them are:

  • Site load time delay;
  • Lack of responsiveness on mobile devices;
  • Website code errors;
  • Duplicate content.

It's no use focusing on following best practices and dedicating your time and efforts to creating excellent content or optimizing your website's products if there are hidden problems that will make all your effort not bear fruit. Your time is valuable and shouldn't be wasted.

Auditing is, therefore, imperative for you to be able to prevent yourself and get as much organic traffic as possible. We emphasize that the purpose here is not to immediately correct SEO flaws or create strategies, the audit is the initial step to advance your company's SEO planning.

Our Methodology

Performing an SEO audit on your website is definitely relevant to improve your results. However, it is not a simple or easy task.

There needs to be competence, qualification and broad capacity to analyze strategically so that the decisions resulting from the auditing turn out to be the best.

At Performa Web, we have qualified professionals capable of enhancing your digital marketing strategy and ensuring a good SEO audit. Our analysis considers different factors, taking into account 4 main areas:


Our auditing process shows SEO improvements in the content and pages of your website. We map the keywords used by the market and competitors to ensure your site is taking advantage of all SEO opportunities.


We evaluate the sitemap, code, loading speed of your website, duplicate pages, among other items related to technology. In addition, we analyze the navigability of the pages and study user engagement to ensure that the site offers a good structure.

Brand Reputation

For best SEO results, it's also important to consider your brand reputation. Our focus is on developing strategies that help add value to the brand and promote direct business results.

User experience

User behavior and experience on your website pages should also be evaluated in order to identify SEO opportunities. In this area, we consider aspects such as: website usability, accessibility, responsiveness and functionality.

Our Key KPIs

When we perform an audit of your website, all decisions are made based on data and information collected through various tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SemRush and others that meet specific needs.

Reports are presented and actions are then taken on the basis of this information. Some of the main metrics and KPIs that Performa Web evaluates are:

  • Organic positioning: it’s important to analyze how many pages are ranking well for relevant and strategic searches, and what can be done to improve the positioning of those that have not yet reached the first results;

  • Page Speed: page loading speed is an important factor and one that integrates the Core Web Vitals. It's important to analyze issues that may be slowing down your website

  • CTR (click through rate): This metric indicates the rate of people who have clicked through to your page relative to who saw your site in search results. A low CTR, despite there being a good placement, can indicate problems, which we seek to identify with the SEO audit.

There are numerous other metrics and KPIs that can be tracked, but at an early stage of auditing, these are some of the points we take into consideration.

To find out if your website's organic ranking is following the best practices, contact Performa Web. With a team of specialized professionals and a comprehensive view of digital marketing, we deliver the best results in SEO and offer the solution for your business.

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