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About ASO (App Store Optimization)

After so much effort and dedication to develop your app, it's only fair to publicize your work. App Store Optimization (ASO) can help you with that.

App Store Optimization, also known as ASO, consists of a series of strategic and tactical actions to optimize your application in online stores such as Google Play and Apple Store. This way, your app will be more viewed and will have more chances of being downloaded by users.

In a simplified way, ASO (App Store Optimization) can be compared to SEO strategies, where optimizations are carried out with the objective of attracting more organic traffic to your website, blog or e-commerce.

But there are some basic differences between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ASO (App Store Optimization) that are worth mentioning. When it comes to ASO, the important requirements for “ranking” in virtual stores are: application title and description, backlinks, application reviews, use of keywords, among others.

And, of course, the goals of each optimization vary as well. With ASO, the main objective is to increase the amount of application downloads and decrease installation rates, while SEO works with other metrics and goals.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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Optimize Your App in Online Stores

There are some advantages of carrying out this strategy, such as:

  • It can be cheaper and more durable than ads in online stores;
  • You will attract people who are really interested in the subject;
  • The chance of conversion is relatively high;
  • There will be an increase in organic downloads;
  • Among others

Now that you know what it is and some of its advantages, we are sure that you should put App Store Optimization into practice.

However, keep in mind that this is no trick or magic. You will need to develop strategies and objectives so that the ASO is done in the best possible way and, more than that, it brings results to your app.

Learn How We Can Help You

To develop the best ASO strategy and bring more downloads to your app, hire someone who really understands the subject. Performa Web has years of expertise in the market and has a team of specialists focused on mobile strategies.

Find out how we work our ASO services and some of the matters we take into account:

  • Definição da estratégia e persona;
  • Definition of priorities (considering the disciplines of content, technology, user experience and implementation complexity);
  • Keyword search for Google Play and Apple Store;
  • Technical optimizations: images, title and description of the application, according to the relevance and study of keywords;
  • Agile implementation;
  • Recurring monitoring of results;
  • Reports, market studies and competitor analysis.

In addition, in order for the results to be the best possible, we also recommend other actions, such as: encouraging user evaluation, constantly updating the application for continuous improvement, adapting the application to specific stores.

So, with a comprehensive and integrated digital marketing strategy, you'll get the best results for your application and your business. Talk to one of our experts and find out how we can help you leverage your results with mobile strategies!

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