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Perhaps you don't know in detail what an omnichannel strategy is. But we dare say that you may have already noticed the effort companies make to develop actions that contribute to attracting and retaining customers – whether by using online or offline channels.

This concept consists of accompanying the customer throughout their shopping journey. The aim is to create integrated actions that favor interaction between the user and the company, regardless of the channel. Furthermore, the idea is to increase conversion possibilities along the sales funnel.

Omnichannel consulting at Performa Web helps you take a new step towards digital transformation. We have extensive experience in digital strategies and can help you build a new reality for your company, one increasingly integrated with your offline actions.

Expand your business opportunities. Increase your sales and get closer to your customers with an omnichannel strategy.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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Multichannel experience and omnichannel benefits

Do you know your customer well? Do you know where he is and what he's looking for? With PW's omnichannel consulting services, you'll find all these answers.

As mentioned before, the strategy is not only for attracting customers, but for retaining and improving your relationship with this audience, considering all points of contact between the company and the consumer.

After all, there isn’t a shortage of supply of offers and direct competitors within the niche you work. And, if your company is not satisfying your customer completely, with just one click he will find more attractive options.

To go beyond expectations and stand out, you'll need to invest in a team that specializes in the subject. In addition to presenting new strategies for the development of your business, you will be able to see the transformations of an omnichannel strategy in practice.

Omnichannel Strategy Objectives

When focusing on omnichannel strategies you will encounter some challenges, whether while implementing improvements to the customer experience or creating promotional actions. Regardless of that, remember that all the effort will be worth it, since the integration of digital channels will contribute to expanding the scope of companies.

Therefore, it is important to think about how we are going to position ourselves in digital channels. This is, moreover, a point that must be carefully analyzed, so that the integration really has satisfactory results.

We've also set aside some more good reasons for you to look for an omnichannel consulting strategy. They are:

Customer journey

Consumer behavior has undergone significant changes. To know how it gets to your product or service, you must map the journeys and know what the expectations of this audience are.

Integration between online and offline

A study published in the journal Harvard Business Reviewhighlights that a common customer, after visiting a physical store, is 4% more likely to become an online customer of your brand.

People’s experiences

The focus of all these improvements must be on increasing results. But for that to happen sustainably, you need to focus on people's experiences, those who sell the products as well as those who buy. 

Supply chain

We will only be able to assess whether omnichannel strategies are delivering results if we can assess the speed of demand and delivery. So, if you have an e-commerce, for example, you can assess whether your logistics is aligned with the team that processed the order. This assessment is extremely important for the omnichannel strategy.

Where to start?

There’s no point in choosing any random company or agency and then hoping that the results will be satisfactory, right?

So, hire a team of experts who understand the subject at hand. With PW, you'll be one step ahead and be able to implement the omnichannel strategies you need to get the best results.

We offer all the support for you to provide the best experience to your consumers and put omnichannel strategies into practice.

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