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Social Media Analytics Services

Nowadays, any company that carries out internet marketing actions must collect, extract, analyze and make decisions based on data and information. Data analysis is one of the main premises of business intelligence.

This is important for you to know the overall performance of your company's digital marketing actions and then make strategic decisions.

Learn more about the importance of social media analytics to achieve the best results on social networks, to strengthen your relationship with your consumer audience and increase your sales.

How important is social media analytics to your business?

When analyzing your social media profiles and channels, it’s important to know how your followers interact with your publications, but you need to know if your performance in social media has, in fact brought results for your company.

It’s important to analyze social media accounts for several reasons:

  • To know who and how many are new brand followers;
  • Which ones and how many have stopped following your brand;
  • The scope of publications;
  • To identify the real interests of your target audience;
  • It's important to see what kind of content your audience is most engaged with;
  • User demographics;
  • User engagement in posts;
  • Brand mentions

This analysis helps you understand the type of behavior your audience has with your social media and how the persona perceives your brand.

And overall, this data has significant value for your upcoming marketing campaigns, so you can make the best decisions to improve their performance.

Meet Performa Web's social media analytics

Now you know that social media analytics is an excellent tool for your company to gather user behavioral data and gain more customers and conversions.

And there's nothing better than an agency specialized in data and performance to perform this service for your company! Discover Performa Web's social media analytics and leverage your results!

Social media analytics: key KPIs and metrics

Among the key metrics and indicators you should watch out for are:

Reach: Reach is defined by how many people have seen your posts.

Observe the performance of each publication and see what day it happened, the time, type of publication, etc.

Follower growth: If your profile is not getting more followers, something is wrong. See the comments left on your posts, they will help you understand better.

Engagement and mentions: The more people are engaging in your posts, it means that the value of your posts is appropriate.

If your engagement is bad, see which posts that have had the most engagement and post similar ones. Se seu engajamento estiver ruim, veja as postagens que tiveram maior engajamento e publique outras semelhantes.

It's important to keep an eye on all of this, focusing on your data in order to know where you should focus your action and to optimize the performance of your social accounts.

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