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Social media plays an important role in brand recognition. More than just a company dissemination channel, social media plays a strategic role in the relationship with the consumer and the customer journey.

Social media management consists of content production, generating new conversations from that and increasing the reach and engagement on your company's pages.

However, the management of social networks is not limited to creating posts on your pages. The management of social networks involves several processes, such as: definition of content strategies, definition of the media to be adopted, planning, publication calendar and even the monitoring of results.

These days, social media is not a highlight factor for companies - these days, most of them are on one platform at least. But only those who see value in these media can enjoy their true benefits.

This requires a team of professionals specialized in developing the best content and strategies for each medium, constantly monitoring the results. Learn how to improve your social media strategies and achieve your digital marketing goals.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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Social Networks Deliverables

Social Media Plan
1 network
2 networks
3 networks
Content: Creation and Curatorship
up to 4 posts/month
up to 16 posts/month
up to 40 posts/month
Number of personalized images per month included in posts
Number of Boosted Posts
Up to 2
Up to 6
Up to 10
Weekly Call (Monthly Cost - Optional)
BRL 400.00
BRL 400.00
BRL 400.00
Adjustment requests
Up to 2x
Up to 3x
Up to 3x
Social media competitive analysis
Brand reputation analysis on social media
Social media audit + recommendations
Boosted post comments monitoring
Response time within 48 working hours
Network setup and optimization
Cover photo and profile photo design / optimization
Customer Service 2.0
Social Media Analytics
Standard (1 screen)
Custom (1 screen)
Custom (multiple screens)
Influencer Management
request a quote
request a quote
request a quote
Continuous investment in monthly campaigns (Standard consulting and reports)
BRL 100.00 to BRL 200.00
BRL 300.00 to BRL 600.00
BRL 500.00 to BRL 1,000.00
Required Boosted Posts and Ad Spending (Standard consulting and reports)
BRL 2,000.00
BRL 5,000.00
BRL 10,000.00

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Get to know PW's Social Media Management

We promote work focused on transmitting the right message, at the right time, to your audience, increasing the chances of leveraging your business.

With Performa Web, you'll be able to maintain frequent contact with your audience on the main social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube e Twitter.

  • Study of customer materials, such as defining personas and visual identity;
  • Definition of goals and choice of social media;
  • Development of a publication calendar;
  • Creation and/or curation of content and development of creatives;
  • Monitoring of results

We develop strategies that emphasize the brand as well as the performance of publications. In this way, we are able to deliver more consistent results to our clients, actively contributing to increasing the performance of our operations.

Engaging with influencers and influencers to promote the brand is also another important part of our social media management.

One of the things that sets Performa Web's social media services apart is that we work with strategies that range from designing personas and studying visual identity to analyzing the results.

We have a multidisciplinary team that actively contributes to all stages of the social media management process. We have professionals specialized in research, data analysis, as well as curators and content auditors.

To ensure the quality of our social media management services, we use tools such as Facebook Insights, Etus, Google Analytics, Social Bakers, Buzzmonitor, among others.

Whatever your marketing objectives are, Performa Web can help you! Talk to our experts and learn how social media management can leverage your digital marketing results.

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