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Reach Your Audience on the Largest Social Network

Facebook Ads is essential for your company's marketing strategy, after all, the platform remains the largest social network in the world, with more than 2 billion users.

We are the 3rd country with the largest number of Facebook users on the planet, with 130 million active profiles. This means that Facebook Ads strategies and campaigns can be essential to leverage your business and make your brand more recognized in the market.

For a more assertive strategy, you’ll need to plan and develop strategies based on market analysis. For this, we recommend that you create your campaigns with the help of professionals specialized in Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Ads tool makes it possible to create campaigns and display ads within the social network itself and also on Instagram. Thus, it is possible to work with different types of ads in different models, formats and sizes, which will effectively leverage your sales.

One of the great differentials of Facebook Ads is its specific targeting, which provides a more effective targeting for your target audience.

Demographics, location, behavior and interests are some of the user information that can be used to target your ads, allowing you to reach more potential customers. That way you can impact the right target audience with the most appropriate content at the right time.

Another advantage is having users highly involved with the content, as 800 million people like something on this social network every day.

How we work

For more effective results, it’s best to have qualified professionals to manage your campaigns on Facebook Ads. We at Performa Web can help your business achieve the best digital marketing results on Facebook.

Our team is highly specialized and has Facebook Blueprint certification, attesting to our advanced knowledge of Facebook Ads skills. And we are an agency with the Facebook Marketing Partners, one of the highest levels of partnership with Facebook.

In addition, our entire team participates in workshops and training made available to the best agencies in Brazil, aligning their strategies with the best market practices and bringing innovation to the campaigns.

Our strategies for Facebook Ads are structured following your main marketing objectives and following the consumer's purchase journey. Thus, we guarantee the best communication aligned for each step of your sales funnel.

Machine Learning

We make use of advanced technologies, such as machine learning, for the continuous improvement of our campaigns.

Machine learning tools help us automate processes and continuously optimize the performance of your campaigns in an agile and effective way. With this, we bring more assertive results for your company's digital marketing.

So, hire Facebook Ads services from those who really understand the subject. You can keep trying to get it right while wasting time and money, or you can hire a company that specializes in the matter, which will carry out the right strategy for your business.

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