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Remarketing in Media Management

You know when you visit a website, look at a product, but you aren’t so sure anymore or end up forgetting, and then advertisements for that website or product start to impact you on websites and social networks?

These ads are part of a remarketing campaign and are intended to remind the user of their interest and motivate them to return to the website to close the deal.

But without media management planning, this type of ad may not be as effective as expected. That's because it's not enough just to impact any visitor to your site.

Studies about the target audience, audience segmentation and analysis of your pages are necessary in order to understand what your audience's interests are. That way, you can create the best ads and campaigns to generate interest in them.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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Remarketing Deliverables

Remarketing for Social Ads
Remarketing for sponsored links
Remarketing for text ads and banners (if banner ads are included, provided by the client or if the creative banner design is paid for)

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How we work

Here at Performa Web, we have a team specialized in media and performance management. Our work with remarketing includes

  • Creating lists and target audience segmentations in order to impact these users - whether at the time of a new search, through remarketing lists for search ads (RSLA), or while browsing;
  • Planning of remarketing campaigns strategies;
  • Recurring results reporting, market monitoring and competitor analysis

Our great differential lies in the ability to create strategies that reach the consumer with the right message, in an ideal format and at the right time for conversion, according to each business objective.

Our remarketing campaigns aim to focus on 4 main pillars:


We use technology in all our digital marketing processes and services. We use machine learning to automate recurring processes, continuously improving the performance of campaigns.


In our operational pillar, PW's team of media specialists works throughout the process of optimizing the structure of campaigns. This process is recurrent and aims at continuous improvement of performance.


In the tactical pillar, we seek to have as much contact as possible with our customers and partners, acting with a sense of urgency and transparency throughout the entire process.


Our media managers are responsible for maintaining campaigns and constantly reviewing their performance. In this pillar, we regularly review the efficiency of the advertisements based on the achievement of our clients' goals and objectives.

With these pillars, Performa Web is able to analyze the performance of remarketing campaigns and act on their continuous improvement. Find out how we can help you optimize your digital marketing results.

Our Key KPIs

We monitor your remarketing campaigns to get the best results. Some performance indicators that we’ll observe in your campaigns include:

  • Number of reach, impressions and actions;
  • Monitoring and improvements of CTR (click through rate);
  • ROI (return on investment) of each campaign;
  • Increase in cross-selling (cross-selling) and up-selling (upgrade of sale);
  • Increased conversions and profitability of your website or e-commerce..

Talk to one of our experts and find out how Performa Web can help you with your remarketing campaigns!

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