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Why is website development important to your business?

Nowadays, having an institutional website, e-commerce or catalog is no longer an option and has become the rule for those who want to succeed in their business, hasn’t it? But, more important than simply having a website, it needs to provide a great user experience.

With that in mind, our website development services are fully customized to your company's needs, without neglecting essential digital marketing strategies, such as a responsive design optimized for SEO and performance.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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Institutional Website Development Deliverables

Briefing & Development
Number of Pages
Up to 10
Up to 20
Up to 50
simple, but creative
modernly stylized
world class
Content Creation
Up to 5
Up to 10
Up to 25
Basic SEO Configuration
Site Tagging via gtm (optional)
BRL 2,000.00
BRL 3,500.00
BRL 5,000.00
Layout adjustments requests
Maintenance hours (optional) - minimum 10h/month
BRL 200/h
BRL 200/h
BRL 200/h
from BRL 10,000.00
from BRL 15,000.00
from BRL 20,000.00

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Steps for Website Development at PW

Market and Competitor Analysis

Our website development services start with an in-depth research and analysis of the practices adopted by companies in the industry.

User experience

We offer projects with responsive design and we also consider the main concepts of usability, known as UX (User Experience), and how information is made available, so that consuming your content is an enjoyable experience.

Website performance

Does your site institucional meet all the requirements to rank well in search engines? The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) settings are key development factors for your page to be considered relevant by Google, for example, and to be easily found by your target audience. Also, it’s important that tags are implemented so that you can track their performance through tools such as Google Analytics.

Methodology for website development

The development of institutional websites at Performa Web is divided into:

  • Analysis of the briefing sent by the client;
  • Benchmarking with websites of companies in the same segment;
  • Choice of website hosting provider;
  • Acquisition of its own domain, for example:;
  • Wireframe structuring;
  • Custom layout creation;
  • Code structure development;
  • Implementation in a CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress;
  • Project approval;
  • Delivery of the finished project.

Main KPIs and metrics involved in institutional website development

  • New navigation experience and website usability;
  • Easy content management;
  • Search engine indexing;
  • Multi-language websites;
  • Digital relevance growth;
  • Leverage of digital marketing strategies, such as redirecting followers on social networks to your new website;
  • Generation of new business opportunities through the capture and generation of leads;
  • Engagement and loyalty of your audience through accurate communication;
  • Improvement on the performance of your website and, consequently, of your company.

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