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A growing market

From this point on, you should know that influencer management is one of the fastest growing services in the digital environment. Why? Because more and more companies have realized how important it is to work with influential people who show affinity with their audience.

Furthermore, this is a digital marketing strategy that can greatly benefit your business. Not just focusing on sales, but also creating a relationship and interaction with your target audience. It goes without saying that your company becomes a presence in the digital world.

So, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to put your company/brand on a new digital level! Learn more about our services.

How does working with digital influencers benefit your business?

You might be wondering if influencer marketing is a good thing for your business, right? And the answer is yes! Because you can relate your brand to the voice of someone you know. In other words, everyone who is connected to the internet will know your service/product!

But it's not about just randomly choosing someone to be your “spokesperson”. Even with the current explosion of influencers, it takes study, research, and preparation to choose the right person! And that's what Performa Web does for you!

Among the most varied digital influencers, we choose the profile that is linked to your company's values! And through all the planning, your company will grow in the digital environment, mark its presence and increase its chances of sales!

How do you know that influencer management is efficient?

As with any digital marketing strategy, you need to monitor data that proves that it’s giving results. Performa Web, together with you, defines which metrics and KPIs will be analyzed. We then present the data clearly and objectively!

We have, for example, the use of the effective audience metric. That is nothing other than the verification of people who have consumed a particular post, and who have reacted, either with comments or likes! For each social network, we have a type of analysis.

With Performa Web, we’ll work in partnership with you and the digital influencer, providing a great result. We’ll understand what your objectives will be, whether they’re to increase sales or attract visitors, and we work with focus and a lot of determination to achieve them!

Take advantage of this opportunity to be on social networks, and through influencer management, make your brand known!

Why hire Performa Web for influencer management?

When it comes to digital influencers, most people think that the same recipe works for everyone. Contrary to popular belief, it is necessary to study each situation in order to reach your needed goal. And Performa Web can definitely help!

However, the web may be offering many similar things. On the other hand, people are always looking for what’s new. With our work, we produce content relevant to your brand, so that it has total synergy between your company and the influencer.

How about talking to Performa Web and finding out more about what we can do for you! We have a team with over 10 years in the market, experts in digital marketing and who love what they do! Fill out the form and request your quote!

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