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Importance of Email Design Strategies

According to SERASA, email marketing is the largest sales conversion channel, with a rate of 2,5%. In addition, a survey conducted by MarketingSherpa, reported that 72% of consumers find email marketing the best way to receive messages.

However, in order to achieve these results, the first step is getting to know what makes a person open their email, this being one of the factors to consider when launching a campaign.

The first step to get your lead’s attention is an attractive title. Once the email is open, comes the second step, having an email marketing design that gets your lead involved in reading, in order to achieve the desired action.

Our adopted metholody for email design

If you are starting now in digital marketing, you should know that you can count on Agência Performance Web/Performance Web Agency o develop successful strategies for your business.

1. Template

This is a golden tip. Instead of a single image inserted into the email body message, you can choose to use an image in HTML format - using an email trigger platform that has ready-made templates in HTML being a more suitable option.

Another option is to create templates from scratch, however, using ready-made templates will speed up the process.

The platforms MailChimp, Sendinblue and Nitronews, offer free templates in basic HTML templates, providing a specific number of triggers per month.

If you would like to buy different design models, you get  them on the website Theme Forest.

2. Layout

Invest in a well-designed email marketing layout, as it determines how information is consumed.  A well-designed email attracts people's attention towards reading it.

A tip is to provide the most important information, such as the CTA, right on the top bar of the layout. This way, you will be attracting the reader's attention, and consequently increasing your conversion rate.

Another tip to have a well-designed layout is to invest in light images, as very heavy images take a long time to load and discourage reading of the content, and may also be classified as SPAM.

The website Tinypng, can help you with that by reducing the weight of the images while maintaining their quality.

Always invest in high quality images, which can be found in a paid or free image bank.

Expected results for email marketing Layout

This specialty is media management, where we elaborate the best strategy for your company, with real results!

Through email marketing, you relate to your customers and determine the impact of your campaigns' results. Hence the importance of qualified professionals to develop the right strategy for your business.

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