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About YouTube Ads Campaigns

After Google, he second largest search and content search platform in the world today is YouTube. Youtube Ads is a Google Ads system platform, on which you can (and should!) link your ads to YouTube’s video streaming website.

YouTube has about one and a half billion registered users who access their accounts each month, consuming an average of 1 hour of content per day on the platform. With all this audience, are you still unsure of whether you should advertise on Youtube?

On this platform, your videos are viewed by thousands (or even millions) of people, but you are only charged when the user expresses interest in your ad. This could mean seeing your ad, clicking your site, even downloading an app - it depends on your campaign's goal and settings.

The number of companies using YouTube Ads grows exponentially year after year. The relevance of YouTube in digital marketing strategies today is enormous.

Following Google's standard of quality, you'll have access to targeting at very deep levels with YouTube Ads.

The ads in your campaigns are segmented by target audience profile, geolocation and other platforms that integrate it, linked in the Google Ads tool as soon as your campaign is ready to be displayed.

How we work

Performa Web has a highly specialized team in media management.

We are among the 40 agencies in Brazil with a Google Partner Premier seal, the highest level of Google partnership, and the entire team is certified for managing Youtube Ads campaigns.

We have real-time optimizations in our YouTube Ads, always aiming at the best performance of the service. We also generate automated reports on a recurring basis, in order to monitor results and the market with greater assertiveness.

Performa Web's Youtube Ads campaign methodology includes:

  • Definition of the campaign's objectives and strategy on YouTube Ads;

  • Definition of the target audience;

  • Execution and monitoring of campaigns;

  • Recurring optimization of ads using machine learning;

  • Recurring reports, market monitoring and competitor analysis

Machine Learning

In addition to having the expertise necessary for your business and being aligned with the best market practices, Performa Web also has advanced technologies and digital marketing tools.

We make use of machine learning in all media management services, automating recurring processes and continuously improving the performance of your campaigns.

In this way, our team is able to work strategically in managing campaigns, allocating their time in favor of the best results.

We have the expertise to leverage your digital marketing results. Talk to one of our experts and find out how we can boost your business with YouTube Ads and media management strategies.

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