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SEO Reports: How Important Are They To Your Business?

An SEO report is a document with detailed information about the impact that digital marketing actions are having on your business. With it, you can assess the positive points and what needs to be improved.

The purpose of the report is to monitor the evolution of your strategies and make adjustments whenever necessary. With the extracted information you will have access to data that will help you create great relationships.

In order to build an SEO report, our experts use the best tools: Semrush, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

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SEO reporting methodology

SEO reporting is backed by the expertise of PW's business intelligence team. Our company is responsible for collecting, organizing, analyzing and monitoring information, which support decision-making in digital marketing.

These reports are designed to provide the overall traffic and performance data of your marketing channels, and are important because:

  • They provide the source of traffic, revenue generated by each of your campaigns and include organic traffic, paid media, PPC (pay per click and others);
  • You have access to call tracking, cost-per-lead, e-commerce, your website visitors, how long they stay on your pages and much more!
  • You'll have access to detailed ROI (return on investment), which includes cost per lead and overall conversions;
  • You can identify where your bottlenecks and strengths are, and can establish optimization actions for your digital marketing strategies.

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Main SEO metrics

To make sure your reports are bringing you the information you need to monitor your digital marketing actions. Check out the following below.


This is what this metric should mean to you: LEADS. In short, it's someone who has acted as you directed them, such as registering for an event, purchasing an item, among others.


This is one of the essential metrics to watch, as without people coming to your online channels or website, nothing makes sense.
But remember that traffic has to drive conversions, so simply analyzing the traffic doesn't mean much as it has to be linked with your calls to conversion.

Bounce Rate

This occurs when the user leaves your site after seeing only the first page. So, the first step is to understand the causes of rejection and analyzing your SEO report, you can identify many factors.

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