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How media consultancy can help your business

It’s very common to see companies that do their media planning and have numerous investments in paid traffic, but don’t bring any return or engagement. In contrast, companies that rely solely on organic traffic are able to attract greater results without investing a single penny, but they take too long to leverage this strategy.

There is no magic or secret, it’s just a matter of strategy. In this sense, media consulting can help you leverage sales and reach your ads. Learn more about our media consulting services!

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The current impact of social media

A study carried out in 2019 by We Are Social revealed that 66% of Brazilians have at least one social network.

So, we may ask: what percentage of the population reads pamphlets or checks advertisements in magazines and newspapers? We dare to say that no one has probably had the courage to carry out this research - after all, the results could cause many advertising companies to go bankrupt! !

With this simple piece of data it is possible to understand that social networks impact much more than printed news and/or advertising media. From that, you already know where your business advertisement should live. .

There are several reasons to invest in digital marketing. Among them, we can mention the following factors:

  • A large part of the population searches on search engines and uses social networks frequently;
  • There is the possibility to target your ads to a target audience (especially through paid traffic);
  • In addition to sales, you will also awaken customer confidence;
  • The investments are much smaller than those of offline advertising;
  • There is the chance of playing a social role, through the free and unlimited supply of quality content.

However, do not think that the approach of digital media is something simple and that any layman can do. Although there is the possibility of reaching your persona exactly, you need to know what you are doing.

Which means that posting just about anything on your Instagram or Facebook account or creating ads on Google without a single defined objective is not the way to go. After all, if digital marketing is done poorly, it can drive your target audience away from your brand!

With that in mind, media consulting proves to be essential, helping the entrepreneur to direct their marketing investments, and more than that, to obtain results from the digital advertising that will be carried out.

Why is media consulting essential?

First of all, you need to understand what a media consultant does. In general, this professional makes a “diagnosis” of your social networks, then figures out which is the best website for your business, and shows the paths that must be followed by marketing, always towards success.

Probably, you want some reasons for getting a media consultant to take a look at your company, right? If that's what’s missing, check out good reasons to hire the work of a consultant :

Analysis of the current situation of digital marketing

Don’t assume that all the digital marketing done until this moment will be thrown away!

What media consulting does is precisely find the strengths and weaknesses in the work that was already being done digitally, if there had been any previous work.

From this analysis, the next paths will be directed according to the objectives of your company. They can be: greater customer capture, increased visibility of your brand or any other needs of your business.

Also, the financial investment made up to the present moment will be evaluated, as well as what the future changes should be - including budgetary ones.

Planning the next steps

After the media consultant makes their diagnosis, the recommendations (“advice”) for the next strategies will be carried out, always aiming to improve the company's performance in media management.

These are some of the things that may be advised:

  • A diagnosis of the performance of current campaigns (if there are any);
  • Channels that could be better used or abolished;
  • Definition of KPIs and performance indicators of your business;
  • Mechanisms to increase indicators;
  • Optimal distribution between paid and organic traffic;
  • Targeting the best language and the best way to approach your persona.

 Analysis of the results

Do not think that your media consultant will abandon you! Although the first two stages are more complex than the others, this professional will also be present in the evaluation of the results - after all, there is always something to improve.

Get to know Performa Web’s media consulting services

There is no point in spending thousands of reais per month on media consulting if it won’t offer any improvements or insight.

So, hire someone who gets it - or even better, someone who has years of experience in the field! Performa Web is a digital marketing agency which specializes in social media and also provides work in media consulting.

The company's main objective is to boost your business - and in order to make this possible, transformative and unique proposals are used!

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