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Connecting users and brands with Google local ads

Does your company have a website and a digital marketing strategy already in place, but the results are still not as impressive as you would like? On the internet, the potential for financial returns is high, but so is competitiveness. That’s why there are a variety of tools that you can use to your advantage. A good way to boost results is to invest in Google local ads.

Google's local ads are a form of O2O (online to offline) strategy, connecting users and brands on a physical medium through digital ads.

When people search for nearby businesses on Google searches or Google Maps, they may see local search ads that display your business locations or stores.

Local ads bring several advantages listed by Google itself:

  • They promote increased visits and traffic to your business;

  • They make it easy for potential customers who need the services you provide: they can get in touch with you more easily. Google Local Ads allows you to add the option to place calls to your location

  • They allow you to inform potential customers about what you do and what your business is. Thus, potential customers already come to you with the main relevant information to closing deals, making it easier for your sales team

They are a tool that, when used along a good media management strategy, can greatly boost your business' sales results.

Good local ads, when there’s good copywriting techniques and they’re correctly segmented, also have a good online to offline (O2O) impact, ensuring consumer engagement with your brand beyond the virtual environment.

Our Methodology

There’s no one better than Performa Web to develop a local advertising strategy for your business. Our team is highly specialized and certified for all types of Google Ads campaigns, including local ads.

In addition, we are one of the 40 agencies in Brazil certified with the Google Partner Premier seal, the highest level of Google partnership. Thus, all team members receive constant training and workshops from Google to work with the most up-to-date practices in the market.

In order to develop the best local advertising strategies, we use machine learning tools in our processes. Thus, our team is able to implement automated improvements to ads and improve processes, working strategically to obtain the best results.

Therefore, our management of sponsored links is based on 4 main pillars:


We use technology in all our digital marketing processes and services. We use machine learning to continuously improve the performance of your campaigns.


In our operational pillar, PW's team of media specialists works throughout the process of optimizing the structure of campaigns. This process is recurrent and aims at continuous improvement of performance.


In the tactical pillar, we seek to have as much contact as possible with our customers and partners, acting with a sense of urgency and transparency throughout the entire process.


Our media managers are responsible for maintaining campaigns and constantly reviewing their performance. In this pillar, we regularly review the efficiency of the advertisements based on the achievement of our clients' goals and objectives.

To learn more about Google's local ads and understand how they can boost your business, talk to one of Performa Web's experts.

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