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Content creation in digital marketing

The quality of texts and images are increasingly essential requirements to ensure good results for companies. Technology has expanded borders and made actions with greater reach and efficiency possible.

In this context, digital channels emerge as the main agents of transformation. However, it’s useless to talk about a product and not present its benefits or unique features to each of its audiences. The information needs to be presented properly and provide relevant data in order to engage and gain the trust of this audience.

At PW we will help you build custom materials that meet your company's needs. We offer solutions, promoting value, generating engagement and giving greater assistance to the conversion process.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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How can content marketing be an ally?

Content production should be part of your digital marketing strategies. After all, it will be responsible for keeping your page's visit traffic active. The published information is like a business card for your company, so it's critical that you have an assertive presentation.

Therefore, content marketing strategies are about going beyond creating good text. In order to have greater effectiveness in the actions, we look for unique and creative alternatives that bring the brands closer to our clients.

So, we analyze your company's market in depth as well as your competitors and look for the best solutions to build successful initiatives in your relationship channels.

PW Content Marketing Methodology

Adapting content according to your business niche and customer demand can be a laborious process. That's why you should have the support of a team that specializes in the subject.

To carry out the content marketing work, we have a team of advertisers and journalists, who help us to analyze in depth the profiles of the companies' target audiences.

 We build content based on 4 objectives: Attraction, Engagement, Conversion and Loyalty.

All our materials are optimized for SEO and to increase your company's results.

Analyze the results of content marketing

Much more than writing and publishing content, it’s important for your company to be aware of the results that will arise from this new strategy. With Performa Web's content marketing services you will have access to the main stock performance evaluation indicators.

For this purpose, several metrics can be used:

Increased traffic to your website;
Brand awareness;
Increased engagement with the brand;
Increased lead generation;
Increased lifetime value;
Reduced Cost of Acquisition of Customers,
And so on

But, much more than seeing numbers and a growing graph, you will see the number of sales growing dramatically. Come perform beyond expectations with our team.

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