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Results with SEO - Search Engine Optimization

For those who want to increase the visibility of their website, blog or page, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques can be a good option. Here, the goal is to create a structure of trustworthy technology, relevant content and domain authority so that your page or website gains the proper prominence.

The optimization of this entire experience while offering a quick service to the needs of consumers are some of the attributes that favor the brand's relevance. At the same time, they contribute to the amounts invested in campaigns ending up having a better use.

Perform above expectations with Performa Web's digital marketing services.

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SEO Agency Deliverables

SEO Diagnosis
SEO Plan
SEO Report (Monthly)
Standard (1 screen)
Custom (1 screen)
Custom (multiple screens)
ROI, traffic, goals report (Monthly)
Standard (1 screen)
Custom (1 screen)
Custom (multiple screens)
Recurring SEO
Number of Optimized Keywords (Keywords with less than 1M results)
up to 80
up to 150
Up to 300
Optimized pages
Minimum contract period (months)
Initial setup (Two months duration)
BRL 4000.00
BRL 5,500.00
BRL 7,500.00
Recurring investment (from the 3rd month onwards)
BRL 1,800.00
BRL 2,000.00
BRL 5,000.00
Web server analysis and reports
Search and selection of key phrases
Predictive keyword analytics
Meta tags (title and description)
robots.txt and GoogleBot tracking optimization
Sitemap.xml creation and logs
Mobile website optimization (if applicable)
Google Analytics traffic analysis
Sitemap setup
Image Optimization
Link Redirect Audit
Custom 404 Error Page Setup and Optimization
HTML Schema Tags
Domain Unification and Canonicalization Analysis
Initial Link Analysis and Rejection
Internal Link Restructuring and Optimization
Optimized header tags (eg. H1s
Duplicate content analysis and correction
Access to keyword ranking checker with weekly updates (if requested, weekly updates)
Universal SEO (video, maps, images, news)
Link baiting and content development

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A Methodology Focused on Results

Appearing among the first in search engine results is a feat for few. It’s a medium or long term investment, as we work mainly on attributes such as authority and relevance of your brand.

The work requires constant monitoring, as search engines are always up to date. For your business to appear prominently in search results on Google, Bing and other sites, pages must have traceable codes, which will be read and monitored by search engines.

Here at Performa Web you will find professionals with multidisciplinary skills and SEO experts. Our team is prepared to serve your company with SEO demands, SEO content, technologies focused on website optimization and improvement in the user experience (UX).

Our SEO methodology aims to ensure excellence in delivery and act in an integrated manner, including aspects such as:

  • Mapping opportunities;
  • Setting priorities (based on the disciplines of technology, content, user experience, turnaround time, and implementation complexity).
  • Agile implementation;
  • Recurring monitoring of results;
  • Reports, market studies and competitor analysis.

We use tools like Webceo, Screaming Frog, SemRush, Majestic, Google Analytics and Google Search Console with the aim of automating processes, ensuring speed and depth of analysis.

We understand and approach SEO in different areas, considering:


A produção de conteúdo em SEO consiste em levar informações adequadas para o melhor momento de compra dos clientes. Identificamos o comportamento do seu consumidor e os interesses dele em cada um desses momentos.

We also do a keyword mapping of competitors and follow all market trends to make sure your brand will have good results.


Code, page optimization and website loading speed are some of the attributions in this area. The focus is on programming the structure of the site so that it is found by search engines on sites like Google and Bing.

In addition, we have a team of specialists focused on providing the best customer experience. We assess the navigability of the pages and study user engagement to make sure that the planned strategies are being met.

Brand Reputation

In our SEO strategies, we believe that reputation and performance work must happen in an integrated manner. Our focus is on developing strategies that help add value to the brand and promote direct business results.

User experience

We analyze the behavior of your website visitors to improve the user experience, taking into account aspects such as: website usability, usability, accessibility and features.

Performa Web has a 360º view on digital marketing and has professionals specialized in each of the marketing areas. We have the best SEO solution for your company. Talk to our experts and increase your company's organic traffic!

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