Challenge: Developing a new paid media strategy to boost sales

Submarino Viagens was a pioneer in the online sale of airline tickets, hotels, packages and cruises in Brazil. Through technology and a very comprehensive booking system, consumers can find the best deals on air tickets, accommodation, tour packages, cruises, tours, car rentals and travel insurance, for immediate or planned departures.

The company has competitive and guaranteed offers in more than 200 thousand hotels and 750 airlines around the world, offering options for leisure or business travelers, whether accompanied or alone. Since 2015, Submarino Viagens has been part of CVC Corp, the largest group of travel companies in the Americas.

Submarino Viagens already had a mature Google Ads account and was beginning to find it difficult to continue scaling its results profitably, as it already had good coverage of the highest profitability terms. Its biggest challenge was finding new ways to drive sales through sponsored link ads.

website submarino

Results: Google Machine Learning

As a partner of Submarino Viagens, Performa Web implemented a new automatic bidding strategy based on historical data, context, behavior and user profile.

The media team stopped working with Last Click Attribution, a model that ignores all previous user interactions and considers only the last click performed, and now works with a data-based attribution model ( DDA, or Data Driven Attribution).

With this new model, Google Machine Learning considers the entire user journey and determines how much credit should be assigned to each click. This way, even if the ad doesn't convert right away, it's possible to analyze that the previous clicks were fundamental for the user’s conversion into a customer.

With this new strategy, Performa Web generated surprising results in a short time. Within one year, Submarino Viagens had its ROI (return on investment) increased by 58% and revenue by 57%.

Results achieved

  • + 57%

    revenue (YoY)
  • + 58%

    ROI (YoY)
  • - 1%

    investment (YoY)

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