Challenge: Scaling up e-commerce results

Vetor Editora is a company focused on the research, development and generation of knowledge in the areas of psychology and mental health, with over 54 years of experience in the segment. To increase its sales and visibility, the company invested in integration with a leading e-commerce platform. However, it was still not getting the planned results.

In order to accelerate the company's digital growth and explore its online sales channel, Vetor Editora's board of directors got in touch with Performa Web to find a solution to improve the results of its e-commerce.

With this in mind, the main challenges of the full service digital marketing agency were to scale up online sales and improve the return on investments in digital marketing.

laptop vetor editora

Result: An e-commerce with a lot of content

Being in line with Vetor Editora's expectations, Performa Web structured a media plan focused on product categorization and smart bidding strategies. In addition to the investment in Google Search, a product feed was created for dissemination on Google Shopping and DPA (Facebook Ads).

With the campaigns properly structured and based on the target audience of each product, Performa Web implemented bidding strategies based on machine learning in order to optimize ad delivery. After a year of continuous work, the company managed to grow its online monthly revenue by 3 times with better profitability in the operation.

The result was very significant for the brand, which continues to optimize e-commerce results with the improvements proposed by the media specialists at Performa Web.

Results achieved

  • + 204%

    YoY Revenue
  • + 127%

    in YoY ROI
  • 3 - fold growth

    in 1 year.

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