Challenge: Boosting Cyber ​​Week Sales, Even During the Pandemic

Nike is known as one of the world's largest apparel, footwear and sporting goods companies. Founded in the 70s, the brand revolutionized the industry by selling high performance sports shoes, becoming a symbol of quality and comfort. In addition, Nike has the support of top athletes and celebrities from the sports world, such as Tiger Woods and Lebron James, and football teams - such as Chelsea, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

The company celebrates more than 10 years of continuous investment in Brazil and currently contributes to making sport accessible to around 300,000 children and young people every year, in addition to helping more than 150 social organizations from all regions of the country. already had a mature and well-developed ad account, but due to the pandemic and changes in consumer behavior during the quarantine period, sales during Cyber ​​Week (the week after Black Friday) were a challenge for the company. Performa Web aimed to help Nike liquidate its product inventory and boost sales with discounts and offers.

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Results: 89% increase in e-commerce revenue

In order to overcome Nike's e-commerce sales challenge during Cyber ​​Week, Performa Web set up a task force to understand which formats brought better performance and how different audiences could be worked on more assertively.

From this analysis, our media team arrived at an efficient structure that included campaigns for Google Search, shopping (price comparison), social ads, affiliates and retargeting. In this way, it was possible to analyze user behavior on the website and act in an integrated manner with all channels in all stages of the sales funnel.

Nike, in partnership with Performa Web, managed to surpass Cyber ​​Week sales targets and consolidate e-commerce as an important sales channel for the company, which became even more definitive in the context of the pandemic.

With this integrated strategy, the revenue generated was 89% higher than the previous year and the results were 12% above the expected goal!

Results achieved

  • + 89%

    revenue (YoY)
  • + 12%

    above target
  • + 107%

    acquisition of new members (compared to the previous year)

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